Why Sedation?

sedation dentistryAre you wondering if sedation is right for you?

We utilize conscious sedation during dental treatment which will allow you to be relaxed and sleep during your dental treatment. Sedation can help ease your fears of the dentist and the treatment you are receiving. Here at Minnesota Implant and Sedation Dental, we believe that in many cases, better dental treatment is achieved when an anxious patient is sedated and relaxed. The dentist can focus on your care, and there will be less stress for everyone when you’re feeling at ease.

Sedation options

You have a few options concerning the type of conscious sedation that we can use during your dental treatment.

The two main categories of conscious sedation are oral conscious sedation and intravenous conscious sedation. You’ll receive a short consultation at our office, and we can address any fears or concerns you have to determine the level of conscious sedation that will work best for you.

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