Learn more about the sedation process

The steps we will go through with you here at Minnesota Implant and Sedation Dental will ensure you have all the preparation and care you need.

  1. Consultation
  2. Evaluation
  3. Determining cost
  4.  Your appointment
  5.  Follow-up

1. Consultation — You will begin your journey with a consultation. This consultation can happen outside of the dental chair if it makes you more comfortable. During this consultation Dr. Curtis will review your medical history and any dental concerns as well as your level of anxiety. This will help to determine what type of conscious sedation will work best for you. Once the type is determined, Dr. Curtis will discuss what that is and why. The dentist will also review some pre-operative instructions for you to follow the day of your sedation appointment, as well as post-operative details (like needing someone to drive you home).

2. Evaluation — At your initial consultation and before your sedation appointment, it is best if we are able to evaluate your mouth. This will allow Dr. Curtis to determine exactly what treatment is necessary and give you time to ask questions regarding that treatment.

3. Determining Cost — Once the evaluation is complete, a treatment plan will be created which will explain the estimated costs of your treatment, including the sedation. This treatment plan will be reviewed with you so you can prepare for any out-of-pocket expenses there may be.

4. Your Appointment — Next, a date or dates (depending on what you need) for your sedation treatment will be scheduled. When you arrive for your sedation appointment come dressed in comfortable, loose fitting clothes. The first person you will see will be Michelle. She will answer any final questions you have regarding insurance coverage or cost and she will collect your estimated patient deposit. This is done ahead of time as you are sleepy following your appointment and we want you to be able to ask any questions you have regarding the financial aspect of your treatment. Next, Dr. Curtis’s assistant will bring you back to the the treatment room to review your medical history once more and go over an informed consent form prior to starting treatment. You are now ready to start your dental treatment. The sedation portion of the appointment will be different depending on the type of sedation you and Dr. Curtis have chosen. With either type you can expect to feel sleepy and relaxed during treatment. You will still be able to respond to us but probably will not remember responding. You may remember parts of the treatment, but most people remember nothing once they are sedated. You will need an adult to drive you home and stay with you for a while. You will likely feel groggy and sleepy for a good part of the day of your appointment.

5. Follow-up — Later that same day or the next day, Dr. Curtis will call you to see how you are feeling and answer any questions you may have regarding the treatment you received. If you have any questions about your procedure, don’t hesitate to contact our office — we’re here to help!